100 solid reasons to start a blog in 2018



1. To have an outlet.

2. To serve as a platform for social change.

3. Creative productivity is good for the soul.

4. To use skills you are damn good at.

5. Other people can learn and grow from your experiences.

6. Connecting with strangers is rewarding.

7. Writing is cathartic and releases energy.

8. You can add value to the lives of others.

9. Humanizing art makes it accessible.

10. Traditional media is fragmented and frankly, broken.

11. Corporations tried to blog and failed.

12. Storytelling is the most powerful tool and we are all born with it.

13. Blogging allows for short form and long form expression, no character limits.

14. Social media algorithms suck; getting emails from subscribers doesn’t.

15. Writing is a better vice than your others.

16. It will strengthen your relationship with yourself.

17. Everyone could use another witness.

18. There are people out there who care.

19. It’s better to collect words than things.

20. The internet is starving for authenticity.

21. Powerful thoughts can change the world, and we need change.

22. To translate universal emotions into modern literature.

23. When you put yourself out there, doors you didn’t even see can swing wide open.

24. If they steal our data anyway…might as well set the story straight?

25. Blogging allows for the self-expression of social media without the feed envy.

26. Nobody says you have to do it their way, anyway.

27. Be an active content creator. Be that 1%.

28. Writing is a career that allows for more work life balance if you manage time well.

29. To constantly fuel your motivation.

30. Somebody needs to destroy the culture of perfectionism. Just one real voice.

31.  Creativity is the most valuable asset.

32. You control the level of filter on your blog.

33. To use that beautiful vocabulary that’s rotting away where you filed your dreams.

34. Our society does not provide the amount of stimulating social interactions you need.

35. Your words can improve the lives of others, and act as a catalyst for positivity.

36. There is a soul out there who needs to relate to someone like you, more than you will ever know or understand.

37. Serving others generates good karma.

38. You can volunteer your time and donate your work to helping a good cause.

39. Everyone has something to sell. Have something to say.

40. The world needs more artistic healing.

41. It really doesn’t matter what they think.

42. Empathy is the only currency that multiplies each time it is exchanged.

43. Sometimes, the only way to get through is to talk yourself out.

44. You spend $5 on coffee and $10 on netflix you don’t watch, so…you can buy hosting.

45. The expansion of your worldview, when you connect globally, will blow your mind.

46. Anyone can point out the problems of bloggers being fake. Do something better.

47. Even in the year of the bots, we don’t need statistics to know people only trust other people. Transparency earns trust.

48. Everyone enjoys a good read. Write one.

49. Apparently the media, and most people over 35, are terribly confused about adult millennials and the children we are raising.
Find the value of ‘y’, show your work.

50. Like it or not, you are an authority that younger generations look to for hope.

51. Nobody needs another e-course on how to sell an e-course about selling e-courses.

52. Maybe you’ll actually write a book.

53. If you’re gonna talk the talk, you should probably walk the walk already.

54. Your phone is filled with original photos.

55. There are enough critics and you have learned that lesson the hard way. Be better.

56. Making your opinion public is a healthy way to align yourself with your community.

57. Being an active supporter of your beliefs can encourage others to take action.

58. If you plant seeds with your thoughts, you can decide which you allow to blossom.

59. You’ll be surprised at what may grow wild.

60. Time spent recording the human experience is never time wasted.

61. To challenge the status quo.

62. You already know what to call it, if you think about it. You can buy the domain fast.

63. Writing daily will inspire adventures.

64. Life is too short.

65. In a temporary culture, you can have a permanent impact with honest words.

66. Selling your story to someone else diminishes the integrity of it.

67. Most rules can be bent, if not broken. We create unnecessary limits.

68. Because you want to.

69. Your passion can ignite a tiny spark behind the eyes that can burn for eternity.

70. Blogging allows you to create your own work environment and can reduce your carbon footprint vs. an office commute.

71. You can only be what you are.

72. Minimizing stress and improving your wellbeing can become priorities.

73. To promote tolerance and equality for all.

74. None of it matters without the love.

75. Creating written memories is a gift.

76. A blog lets you to gravitate towards what genuinely excites you, over and over.

77. Your writing space will become breathing space, and you could use a deep breath.

78. Everyone has a camera, not everyone has your eye for detail and design.

79. To have the freedom to travel on a whim.

80. You are a million times more likely to regret the fear than the failure.

81. Pen to paper is the best form of therapy.

82. The internet can be an interesting mirror.

83. Documenting progress towards goals will become a second-nature habit.

84. There has never been a better time to be an artist, and technology keeps improving.

85. You need the space to fully express yourself with all the tools you have.

86. The chance to open minds through art is precious and not to be wasted.

87. To watch your words and thoughts reach further than you have traveled is incredibly humbling and reminds you humanity is universal.

88. Why the fuck not?

89. Souls like yours do best when connected with others on the same vibes.

90. It’s about damn time, honestly.

91. The energy has to be released somewhere. You have to let it all go.

92. You are unafraid of pushing the limits and you are never hesitant to work hard.

93. Happiness can be immeasurable when you have creative freedom.

94. What else are you going to do with your life this year?

95. Censorship is overkill everywhere, unless you own your original content.

96. If there is anything you have mastered in life, it’s working with what ya got.

97. There are a few things you need to say.

98. You didn’t come this far to give up now.

99. It will change you.

100. People who wear their hearts on their sleeve are the best kind.