she doesn’t want roses

She doesn’t want roses. She doesn’t want diamonds. She doesn’t want chocolate, a giant teddy bear, or a dinner date.

She wants you. She wants you to be there.

She wants you to look at her, and make her feel like it doesn’t matter how messy her hair is. She wants you to listen to her like she is the most interesting person you’ve met. She wants you to make her lose track of time with just one kiss. She wants you to touch her, and actually feel her. She wants you to see her, not in the way you see her every day, but as the woman you fell in love with years ago. She doesn’t want lust. Lust is cheap. Since knowledge is a prerequisite of love, love says “I know you, inside and out. And I still want you, more than ever.” She wants you to be reminded how well you know her.

She wants you to be passionate. Not about her, not about sex. She wants to share your passion for life. She wants to feel alive with you. She wants you to be thoughtful. She wants you to do the dishes, or fold the laundry, without having to ask for help. She wants to be told she’s not superwoman, and that she doesn’t have to keep trying to be. She wants you to choose her, every day. She wants you to take 30 seconds before you sit down to watch tv or scroll through your Facebook, and look into her eyes.

She wants you to make her feel like she is valued. She wants to know that you think she is worth more than anything. She wants you to appreciate the things she does, the way she laughs, the stretch marks that are proof of the life you created, and the little wrinkles that mark the time you’ve spent together. She wants you to love her. She wants you to be there and be thankful that she is there.

She might want roses once a year. But if you’re just giving her roses, you’re not giving enough.

She doesn’t want roses.